Aqua Blaster Cannon 3.0

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Unleash the WAVE, Dominate the Battle. EVERYONE's a target this SUMMER! 💦

🔫 Easy water filling without disassembly 

🔫 Automatic water absorption with ultra long range of 10M+

🔫 Customisable firing rate; (Automatic) (Burst) (Single)

🔫 Lightning fast charges (enough time for a quick snack) then right back at it again!

Relatives and friends embark on a boundless journey of joy in war! 


🔥 Automatic Reload

The Aqua Blaster comes with an automated reload. Just dip the gun in water, and let the tanks fill on it's own.

💧 Large Tank
Tank Capacity: 200+ Shots

🔋 Leak Proof

Each build comes fully insolated. No water can get inside the leak-proof battery component.

💪🏻 Durability

Built with the highest quality plastics, every gun is made to stand the test of time.

📦 What Package Includes?:

1x Aqua Blaster Cannon 3.0

1x Lithium Battery

1x Lightning Charger

1x Manual

Frequently Asked Questions:

How far can the waterguns shoot? With the Aqua Blaster, you can hit targets up to 35 feet away with pinpoint accuracy. With the PowerShot mode, you even have a range of over 50 feet!

Do I have to replace the battery or is it rechargeable? The battery is rechargeable. A USB charging cable is provided with every water gun. 

How long does it take to charge? On average it takes around 90 minutes for a full charge, and around 45 minutes for a 70% charge.

What ages can use these? The Aqua Blaster is for all ages 3 and up! Adult supervision is recommended. 

How do I refill the Aqua Blaster? To reload, just dip the front of the Aqua Blaster into a water source and fully load and re-pressurize automatically in a few seconds. No need to run back into the house and no need for a significant time out. 

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