PosturePro™ | Corrects posture and relieves back pain

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"I was skeptical at first, but I already notice a big difference in my back pain. I wear it under my clothes at work."
Brigitte L.

Eliminates back, neck and shoulder pain and correct posture while naturally maintaining the healthy shape of the spine.

Go into summer with a good feeling! Experience absolute pain relief and improve your posture in no time. Sitting hunched over, working at a desk, or not adopting the correct posture while sitting upright can lead to annoying pain. It also causes you to adopt a slouchy posture, making you feel less well and even leading to injuries.

Our PosturePro™ offers you the support to directly improve your posture, so you feel better and adopt a representative posture.

Best TrueFit Posture Corrector for Men & Women | TrueFit - TrueFit® Posture  Corrector

Correct your posture permanently

Designed to correct posture and advance the chest as a complete shaper. This PosturePro™ is easy to wear under clothing for both men and women.

Healing your back and preventing injuries

By wearing PosturePro™ for just 1 hour per day, the main cause of daily discomfort is resolved by gently pulling the shoulders back and gradually retraining your muscle memory to support the back in the correct position.

Although the pain significantly decreases after the first two days of wearing the brace, it is recommended to continue the treatment for two to three weeks to allow the back to fully heal and restore an optimal, healthy posture.

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